Who I AM

I am a board certified pathologist with 18 years of experience in high volume surgical pathology
and cytopathology practice, including experience in the outpatient private laboratory setting, with
extensive experience interpreting GI and prostate biopsies.  I am currently providing both short
and long-term locum tenens coverage in a variety of practice settings.

I have active licenses in Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee and Virigina.  Inactive licenses include
Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.  I am in the process of applying for a South Carolina license.  I
have current DEA registration and am certified in both anatomic and clinical pathology (1992).  

As for my professional qualifications, I have extensive experience in surgical pathology, as well
as cytopathology, including PAP smear evaluation (CLIA certification has expired).  I am able to
complete over 95% of my cases with 24 hour turn around, while maintaining a high level of
accuracy and precision.  I have excellent current knowledge and experience in the use of
immunohistochemical stains as an adjunct to morphologic diagnosis.  My reports are accurate
and concise, requiring very few calls from clinicians for additional information and clarification.  
I maintain excellent rapport with clinicians and make appropriate contact to inquire about clinical
information in difficult cases and to report unexpected or significant findings.

I am able, and in many cases, prefer, to perform my own gross dissection.  I am skilled at gross
dissection, yielding excellent sections that process and section well.  I build good rapport with the
technical and clerical staff and have maintained lasting friendships with people with whom I have
worked.  With my experience, I am familiar with most anatomic pathology computer systems in
use, and in most instances, am able to begin using your computer system with little instruction.

I also have experience in the clinical laboratory setting.  I served as medical director for a
community hospital while I was in Milwaukee, WI.  In that position, I developed a very good
working relationship with the laboratory director, as well as the testing personnel within the
department and the hospital medical staff.

In summary, I would like to thank you for your time in considering me for any open pathology
positions you may have available.  An abreviated copy of my current CV is included under the CV
William E. Titman, MD